Company Overview

  • Overview
  • Present Status Of AI Technology In Korea, Saltlux

    Saltlux is rooted in Sysmeta Co., Ltd., a machine learning and natural language processing start-up established in 2000, and it is a domestic representative company with the original technologies in the 4th Industrial Revolution that has dedicated to the development of AI and big data technologies since its establishment. We have focused on securing of original technologies from the beginning of the establishment, and after changing our company name to Saltlux on 2006, we have further promoted the development of AI technologies and new market creation.

    Saltlux & LG U+‘Kids Land Campaign’

    Saltlux has capitalized on more than 15 billion large-scale data to become uniquely competitive in artificial intelligence and big data field, and has continued to work on technology research and innovative product launches through government projects and dedicated teams. Saltlux has achieved "continuous growth of more than 20% per year" and has been known as "the largest AI-related patent holder in Korea" as a result of our efforts. Additionally, it has proven successful in global markets such as the US and Japan. As the fourth industrial technology matures and the global market grows, Saltlux's technology, talent and experience, which have been amassed over 20 years, have become a major step forward for our business, our partners, and our customers.

    • More than

      15 billion

      data capitalization
    • 20%

      growth every year
    • Technologies and talents with over


      of experience

    The differentiation of Saltlux’s AI technologies can be described as ‘high-precision ensemble AI’. This is implemented through the convergence of various machine learning (deep learning) technologies and different AI technologies such as knowledge graph and logical reasoning and it should be supported by big data and data science technologies such as big data collection, analysis and learning. It introduces the details of Saltlux's differentiated AI and big data technologies accumulated and secured over a long period of time and their commercial competitiveness, specific business plan and prospect.

  • Establishment background
  • Make All People In The World Free

    Saltlux was established by three co-founders with the determination to develop future original technologies that enable mutual communication and cooperation between people and people, people and machines and machines and machines based on the mission statement of ‘helping all people in the world communicate their knowledge freely’. In the beginning of its establishment, Saltlux mainly focused on the development of machine learning technology for enabling computer to understand human writing and speaking and Saltlux have invested extensively in the researches on knowledge engineering, knowledge graph and reasoning technologies since 2005 and in-depth Q&A and dialog processing since 2010 and deep learning-based knowledge learning, voice recognition and voice synthesis after 2015. The mission statement of Saltlux is the reason for its existence and the core value of Saltlux defined as ‘Working Honestly’, ‘Contribution through Innovation’ and ‘Pursuit of Happiness and Growth’ explains the way and reason of doing business by Saltlux employees. Saltlux employees believe that the mission statement and core value of Saltlux contribute to the society and happy life of human being beyond the success of our customers.

  • Brand Stories
  • We Will Become The Salt And Light Of The World

    1. Saltlux is a combination of ‘Salt’ and ‘Lux,’ a term containing the corporate philosophy needed to fulfill its role as the salt and light of a new knowledge-based world. Specifically, 'SALT' symbolizes unchanging moral values, spirit of sincere service, and the cultural image of the oldest monetary function as currency and capital. ‘Lux’ signifies light, as IT technology that can provide easy access to rapidly changing knowledge and information, and the future cultural image that continues to grow in warmth. Therefore, ‘Salt’ refers to an internal corporate value, and ‘Lux’ refers to technological services provided by the company.

      A symbol-type brand logo is used in order to increase the benefit of its use as the corporate brand, and blue which symbolizes future-oriented desire of human being and advanced technology service and green that symbolizes faith, love and everlasting moral values with humanity are used together.

  • Technology Overview
  • Technologies Continuously Developed Through R&D

    Saltlux aims at securing of the world’s best next generation commercial AI technologies in 5 years that overcome the limitations of current machine learning technologies by advancing each AI technology in language, voice, vision, emotion and knowledge and converging and developing such technologies into one ensemble AI platform. Saltlux also aims to expand and advance the retained national level big data platform technology into the global level technology and commercialize the data collection and real-time issue analysis targeting the whole world, early detection of abnormalities and real-time augmented analysis technology including smart prediction. The global scale big data augmented analysis technology will incorporate the ensemble AI technology and play a pivotal role in the implementation of global AIaaS integrated platform.

  • Organizational Structure
  • Organizational Structure Conducting Responsible Management Based On Expertise In Each Field

    Saltlux currently consists of 21 teams under 6 business divisions, 1 office directly under the CEO, and Management Advisory Committee and Technical Advisory Committee. In order to execute systematic and professional corporate management according to each business field, 2 abroad subsidiaries and 4 domestic subsidiaries are run independently. The best executives in Korea who have developed distinctive careers in business, law, and the IT sector make up Saltlux's Management Advisory Committee. They are in charge of providing management strategy advice and management mentorship. Top AI researchers and professionals from both home and abroad make up the Technical Advisory Committee, which makes recommendations for Saltlux's technology and products while encouraging R&D innovation through open innovation.