Our Business

Saltlux dreams “the world in which there are no barriers to communicate and share knowledge between people to people and people to machines powered by artificial intelligence”

Big Data

Saltlux is the best cognitive computing company that uses big data solutions and AI technologies in Asia

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Artificial Intelligence

Saltlux develops AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning & Machine Learning, Ontological Reasoning, Deep Q&A and Virtual Assistant for over a decade.

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Smart Solution

Saltlux provides business use-case driven distinguished solutions embedded by big data and A.I technologies.

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Saltlux Video

Saltlux video introduces a variety of services and activities for knowledge communication provided by Saltlux.

  • Big data analysis platform, BigO
  • Artificial intelligence platform, ADAMs
  • SAC 2017

Saltlux Success Stories

We have provided our outstanding technologies and solutions to global leading enterprises.

Big data Analytics and Semantic search engine

Saltlux has more than 300 customers of big data solutions in the manufacturing industry, financial industry, national security, government, and education globally. We make customer success in the enterprise portal, big data analytics, intelligent enterprise security investigation, IT service intelligence, real-time intelligent IoT services with our solutions and technologies.

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents

Saltlux A.I platform, Adam helps customers enable A.I powered services for the decision support system in finance and legal, question & answering in the contact center, virtual assistant, robot concierge service in hospitality, retail and healthcare

Open data solution for the government sectors

Saltlux has collaborated with world wide web consortium to build “Linked Data Platform” by providing our solutions and technologies as well as working with Open Data Institute(ODI) to help standardize, certify and utilize government open data.