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Mission & Vision Statement

We Communicate Knowledge for the People.


Communicating Knowledge
We Communicating Knowledge for the People

‘Helping people all over the world communicate knowledge freely’ is what Saltlux does. Saltlux’s sole mission is to create a better world where people and computers help one another beyond the barriers of language, space and time.

Vision 2015

Empowering the people through
the Knowledge Structuring and Sharing

Saltlux has an ambitious dream of implementing the “Global Knowledge Service Platform” that will structure human knowledge and make it available to people all over the world anytime anywhere. By the year 2015, Saltlux will have become one of world’s top 10 Knowledge service providers, taking pride in serving global customers by adding meaning and value to their knowledge assets.

Core Value

  • Working in the Right Way
    We believe working in the right way, basis on principles, leads to success.
  • Contriburion by Innovation
    We generate profit, which do not belong to corporations but to employees and customers to further benefit society, through technical innovation.
  • Pursue Growth and Happiness
    We understand that real customer satisfaction comes from happy employees, and we pursue growth and happiness for us and our colleagues.

Organizational Culture


Management philosophy

The management of Saltlux is running the company based on the following principles and to preserving and developing its business culture.

  • Ethical Management
    Saltlux will set an example by not only maintaining accounting transparency but applying stricter and a higher level of ethical rules.
  • Knowledge Management
    Saltlux will encourage its people to work towards their individual goals, and leverage their knowledge and experience to build industry-standard technologies and systems.
  • Empathy Mangement
    기업과 고객, Saltlux will make sure that the company and its customers, the company and its employees, will grow together as partners to build economic, social, and personal trust so that their bonds will become a valuable asset for the company and society.