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Company Overview

We communicate Knowledge for the People.

Saltlux aims to create a world where people can communicate knowledge without any constraints.

Saltlux aims to create a world that overcomes information and language barriers between people, machines and people; thus allowing people to freely communicate knowledge with each other.
Our business portfolio includes smart data solutions/services structured upon artificial intelligence and big data technology; and multilingual localization language and documentation services.

  • Company Name
  • Date of Establishment
    June 1st, 2000 (Merged with Mobico, 2003)
  • CEO
    Lee Kyung Il (Tony Lee)
  • Business Areas
    Big Data Analysis Platform, Semantic Search, Multilingual Translation and Manual Production
  • Headquarters
    4-5F, Daewoong Bldg., 689-4 Yeoksam 1(IL)-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • Branch Offices
    Vietnam Development Center (VDC); Saltlux Japan; Saltlux China

CEO Message

Saltlux places a greater value on the consistent encouragement and endearment received from our clients


Welcome to Saltlux.

Saltlux places a greater value on the consistent encouragement and endearment received from our clients; rather than on the challenges it has overcome and its accomplishments. Hereon, all Luxians of Saltlux, with relentless passion and through technological innovation, will once again stretch beyond our limits to embrace the vision of providing solutions for successful endeavors of our clients.

To realize our mission in communicating knowledge, Saltlux provides innovative software solutions and intelligent services structured upon artificial intelligence and big data technology. Additionally, for the past 30 years, Saltlux has provided multilingual localization translation and documentation services, attributing to the success of our clients in their global endeavors.

At Saltlux, we count on the generous encouragement from clients regarding our efforts to provide services that help meet aspirations, arise to new challenges, and develop technological innovations.
Thank you.

SALTLUX, INC. Lee Kyung Il (Tony Lee)

Mission & Vision Statement

Saltlux’s mission is to support the unconstraint communication of knowledge.


At Saltlux, we believe that ambitious dreams help build a great person and a valuable enterprise. Hereinafter, is the Saltlux declaration of “Vision 2020” to our clients around the world. By year 2020, we envision implementing a global service platform that helps structure knowledge, making it readily available to the public regardless of time or place; thus increasing the value of intellectual capital. Saltlux aims to become one of the world’s top 10 knowledge service providers by realizing Vision 2020.

Organization Structure

60% of human resources at Saltlux are dedicated to research and development. We are currently operating branch offices and development centers in Japan, China and Vietnam.


Strategic Global Alliance Network

국내 시장을 넘어 글로벌 기업으로 성장해 가겠습니다.

Saltlux has secured strategic business and R&D alliances with enterprises in the US, Europe and other global locations, including its branch offices in Japan and China, and Vietnam development center. Saltlux, through synergy with its branch offices and alliances, will continue to grow beyond the domestic market to become a truly global enterprise that provides global software solutions and services.

* 지역을 클릭하면 파트너 및 지사 정보를 확인할 수 있습니다.

주요글로벌 파트너 지역

United States


semafora systems GmbH(ontoprise)
Across Systems GmbH
Straker Interactive Limited
STI International
ODI(Open Data Institute)


IWI(Intelligent Wave Inc.)
ISE(Information System Engineering)


I-ON communications
Daou Technology Inc.,
CLBee System
SK Planet
Seoul National University
Chung-ang University
Soongsil University

해외지사 및 개발센터

Japan Branch

Global Network
Saltlux Japan Branch
January, 2008
Ujike Makoto
18F Shinkasumigaseki Bldg., 3-3-2 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0013
100-0013 東京都千代田区霞が関3-3-2 新霞が関ビル18階
Telephone & Fax
81-3-5251-8721, 81-3-5251-8722

Vietnam Development Center

Global Network
Vietnam Development Center
February, 2009
NGUYEN Tuan Quang
2nd Floor, No. 2 Chua Boc Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Tầng 2, số 2 phố Chùa Bộc, quận Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
Telephone & Fax
84-4-3562-5941, 84-4-3562-5941


Global Network
Xiamen Office
November, 2014
Sam Won
厦门市 湖里区 护安路 73-75号 梅花光电科技中心 #5-5029


We communicate Knowledge for the People.
솔트룩스는 끊임없는 도전과 기술혁신을 통해 성장한 건실한 기업입니다.


  • 2014.12 Received 2014 Korea ICT Innovation Grand and Special Awards
  • 2014.09 Received 2014 Good Content Service Quality Assurance Award (Ziny.News)
  • 2014.08 Contracted OEM for search box with Cosmotech, Japan
  • 2014.06 Relocated Saltlux headquarters to Yeoksam Dong
  • 2014.02 Established 'ODI Seoul’ by signing partnership agreement with open data enterprise ODI


  • 2013.12 Obtained the Certificate of STORM™ SOR GS (Good Software)
  • 2013.12, winning the best first prize for broadcast and news in Smart App Award 2013
  • 2013.12 Winned the Certificate for Best Family-Friendly Management 2013 and the President’s Award
  • 2013.11, winning the KT Award in the 13th Mobile Technology Award
  • 2013.03 소셜 서치 & 조직 관계망 분석 엔진, STORM™SSAMZIE 2.0 출시
  • 2013.02 Registered and launched ziny.News at appstore.


  • 2012.12 received the grand prize in the fields of information service at the 2012 Smart App Awards.
  • 2012.11 Launched the VOC(voice of customer) analysis engine for companies and public organizations.
  • 2012.10 Registered and launched ziny.Us at appstore.
  • 2012.09 Received the prime minister’s award for the big data analysis platform at the Small and Big Companies Innovation Contests
  • 2012.02 Launched the big data analysis service called “True Story Season 1 – Politician”.
  • 2012.01 [IN2]Discovery selected as the administrative business S/W.


  • 2011.12 CEO Lee, Kyung Il received an “Order of Industrial Service Merits” from the Korean government.
  • 2011.10 BOTTARI won the first place prize at the semantic web challenge contests at the International Semantic Web Conference(ISWC).
  • 2011.08 Launched the big data automatic classification engine called [IN2]HBC.
  • 2011.05 Signed a joint semantic technology development and partnership win Ontotext AD(Bulgaria).
  • 2011.02 CEO Lee, Kyung Il appointed as the chair of the KM & ECM discussion board.
  • 2011.02 Signed a business partnership contract with IWI (IntelligentWave Inc.) in Japan.


  • 2010.11 [IN2] Discovery received the president’s award in the fields of S/W from the Korean government in 2010.
  • 2010.06 Received an Award of Hit Products Recommended by Consumers with [IN2]Discovery in Search Engine Field for the 1st half year of 2010
  • 2010.03 Received Grand Prix for New Software by MKE with [IN2]Discovery
  • 2010.02 Certificated as Good Software with [IN2]Discovery


  • 2009.12 Awarded with Enterpreneur Field of Grand Prize for Social Contribution in Venture Business
  • 2009.08 Operated Exhibition and Presented at Japan Technical Communication Association 2009
  • 2009.07 Contracted MOU for Business Cooperation with Add-Him Corp. specialized Social Networks (Personal Connections) Management Solution
  • 2009.06 Received Grand Prix for Interrop Tokyo Best of Show Award with [IN2]SearchBox
  • 2009.02 Contracted for Sales Distributors of [IN2]SearchBox with Samuraiz Corp. specialized Enterprise Web Solution & located in Japan
  • 2009.02 Vietnam Development Center opened in Hanoi


  • 2008.11 Contracted for Exclusive Sales Distributors in the Asia-Pacific of Interactive Limited ShadoCMS made by Straker specialized CMS
  • 2008.10 Selected as Promising Small and Medium Business
  • 2008.07 Contracted with Japanese ISE (Information System Engineering) for Co-Development of Translation Solution
  • 2008.06 Contracted with European 1st Translation Solution Corporation, Across Systems GmbH for Asian Sales
  • 2008.05 경영혁신형 중소기업(MAIN-BIZ) 인증
  • 2008.01 Saltlux Japan Branch Opened in Tokyo


  • 2007.12 Digital Innovation Awards by Korea SW Industry Promotion Agency with Search 2.0-based [IN2]Platform
  • 2007.12 Exported Search 2.0-based [IN2]Platform to Europe
  • 2007.09 Selected the Best 200 Enterprises by Red Herring Asia 2007
  • 2007.07 Joined LarKC Project Funded by European Research Framework Program (FP7) Initially in Korea
  • 2007.08 Certificated as Good Software with Search 2.0 Platform [IN2]
  • 2007.06 Joined SUPER Project Funded by European Research Framework Program (FP6) Initially in Korea
  • 2007.05 차세대 검색엔진 [IN2] 일본 시장 진출


  • 2006.06 Investment Attraction from JAFCO Group
  • 2006.06 Changed CEO to Kyung-il (Tony) Lee
  • 2006.01 Released Semantic Search Engine, [IN2]SDOR Initially in Asia


  • 2005.12 Selected as an INNO-BIZ Company
  • 2005.10 Contracted with European 1st Semantic Technology Corporation, Ontoprise GmbH for Asian Sales
  • 2005.08 Saltlux China Office Opened in Qingdao
  • 2005.08 Relocated to Daechi-dong in Gangnam-gu, Seoul / Renamed as Saltlux Inc.


  • 2003.11 Completed Development of [IN2], a Next Generation Search Engine
  • 2003.09 Awarded the Grand Prize for New Software Products by the Minister of the Ministry of Information & Communications and Obtained ISO9001:2000
  • 2003.03 Mobico Co., Ltd. and Sysmeta Co., Ltd. Merged as Mobico & Sysmeta Co., Ltd.
  • 2001.01 Evaluated as Best Venture Company of the Year by the Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund
  • 1994.03 Established European Office (Mobico UK Ltd.)
  • 1990.12 Started Production of Multilingual Manuals for Export Automobiles (3 Major Manufacturers in Korea)
  • 1988.10 First in Korea to Provide Technical Writing Services (4 Major Manufacturers in Korea)
  • 1979.06 Mobico Co., Ltd. Founded as 1st Technical Translation and Electronic Publishing Company in Korea


Saltlux has a diverse portfolio of certifications and awards, including GS certification; additionally it has multiple intellectual property rights, including 53 awarded patents and 28 pending patents.

Key Certifications

Key Awards

Key Patents

30 Awarded Patents (60 patents registered as of EOY 2014)

Social Contribution

Through a 1% Donation Program, we build a sound corporate environment and make the world a better place to live

Saltlux has improved the structure of its sharing culture through its ’1% Donation Program’, which started in 2003 with the voluntary participation of Luxians. Luxians make the world a better place to live in, bringing salt and light to the world through donation and volunteer activities. With the ’1% Donation Program’, we are committed to creating a small corner of society where people’s lives are brighter and happier, relizing our core values: “Working in the right way, contribution by innovation and the pursuit of growth and happiness.”