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Saltlux provides the following business services: big data analysis and semantic search solutions/services structured upon artificial intelligence; data-and-platform-as-a-service (DaPaaS); and language/documentation services, including multilingual localization (L10N).

Solutions and Services for Smart Data (

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Technology Convergence, High Quality Solutions and Services, Abundant Market Experience

Saltlux is the undisputed leader in big data and artificial intelligence technology convergence, Cognitive Computing, market sector. For the past 15 years, Saltlux has provided semantic search, irregular data mining of VOC analysis, and ultra-high capacity real-time big data analysis solutions to more than 700 clients in the domestic and international markets. Saltlux has secured the unique integrated solutions and services line up in Asia of regular/irregular big data collection, storage, and convergence analysis. And through a wide range of best practice cases based on smart data, it has captured real-time operation intelligence for intelligent data security and national security systems.

Smart Data Solutions and Services


Key Solutions and Services

Big Data Cloud Service (

Global Leader in Economical Open Hybrid Big Data Analysis Cloud

cloud is an open service platform, held by Saltlux, for big data collection/ storage/ analysis. On a daily basis, collects more than 10 million domestic and international social and public big data. It stores and conducts real-time convergence analysis with data held by the client, then performs visualization services.
performs not only a built-in on demand data collection and clustering services for user requested data; but also diverse sentiment analysis capacity services, such as natural language processing, automatic classification, automatic clustering, sentiment analysis, trend analysis and issue identification. platform provides complementary OpenAPI for research and study; and provides a DaPaaS service model where users only pay for capacity required for data collection/ storage. Saltlux also provides diverse array of mobile services affiliated to platform, including “Ziny.News”, “The Stars” and others.

Key Solutions and Services
  • Big Data Analysis Cloud
  • Open API
  • Big Data Analysis Gallery
  • Ziny.News Mobile Service

Open Public Data and Semantic Web (

Professionally Qualified for LOD Solution and Open Public Data

Saltlux is the first company to commercialize Semantic Web technology, including RDF and OWL, in the domestic market. South Korea Government 3.0 open public data is becoming an increasingly important national strategy in the global market.

Saltlux offers diverse technology and services for utilization of open public data and LOD (Linked Open Data) solution, as well as, enabled global consulting capacities. At the Seoul node of global institute for public data ODI (Open Data Institute), Saltlux, together with ODI, is promoting education and certification business related to LOD and Open Data.

Key Solutions and Services
  • Open Data and LOD Solutions
  • LOD Structure Use Case Introduction
  • ODI(Open Data Institute) Introduction

Multilingual Translation and Manual Production Services (

Global Technical Communication Service Company, Saltlux

Saltlux is a company, established in 2003, through merger with Sysmeta, a language and knowledge company, and Korea’s first technical translation company, Mobico. For the past 35 years, Saltlux has produced superior quality multilingual translations and product use/repair manuals in more than 50 different languages. In particular, for the past 10 years, Saltlux has opened a new paradigm in the TC (Technical Communication) Industry through diverse, yet significant, convergence of software solutions and language/ documentation services.
Experience Saltlux’s superior consulting solutions and services with smart publishing for mobile terminals.

Manual Production and Multilingual Translation Services


Key Solutions and Services
  • Manual Consulting and Production Service
  • Multilingual Translation and Localization Service
  • Editing and Technical Illustration Service
  • Documentation and Translation Support Solutions Service